Zoe Saldana is Pretty in People

Any Trekkies out there?  If so, then you probably recognize Zoe Saldana quite well.  Others may not be so familiar with her work.  She is also known for the voice of Neytiri in Avatar.  She seems to get a lot of sci-fi/action roles in the movies.  Maybe because of the slim, athletic and sexy body of hers as you can tell by those smooth legs in People.  If any of you are interested the Star Trek sequel comes out in 2012, but I’m sure if you’re a Star Trek fan you already know that.

Zoe Saldana leggy in People Zoe Saldana ass shot from behind Zoe Saldana more legs Zoe Saldana black and white in People
Zoe Saldana butt and legs in People Zoe Saldana smiling facial in People Zoe Saldana lying in a bowl Zoe Saldana hands on table Zoe Saldana shadow facial

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