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Katy Perry Does Her Christina Hendricks Impression

katy perry christina hendricks

Katy Perry does a pretty good Christina Hendricks impression, but it could have been better. The hair was matches up accurately, however I’m a little disappointed by the cleavage. There’s not quite enough of it, which is a shame because we know she’s got it. See her make her ‘titties clap‘ if you need more proof that she could go pound for pound with Christina.

katy perry is a ginger katy perry hot in L'Officiel i wish there were more katy perry boobs who knew katy perry was a redhead katy perry has red hair
katy perry or christina hendricks katy perry massive breasts i love katy perry boobs such a great rack on katy perry katy perry hot photoshoot for french magazine

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Upskirt, Etc.

jennifer love hewitt upskirt panties

Jennifer Love Hewitt had a bit of trouble getting out of her car and a bit of trouble keeping her hoo-haw covered. Here is the Jennifer Love Hewitt upskirt photo and a few other randoms because we needed to fill the post.

jennifer-love-hewitt-psa.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-sweats.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-upskirt.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-upskirt-2.jpg jlh.jpg

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Sophie Srej Is a Sexy Lady

sophie srej glamour

Sophie Srej is a Hungarian fashion model best known for her sexy long legs. Here she is showing off her long legs and her half-dollar size nipples in a photoshoot for Glamour (Italy).

sophie-srej-glamour-italy-1.jpg sophie-srej-glamour-italy-2.jpg sophie-srej-glamour-italy-3.jpg sophie-srej-glamour-italy-4.jpg sophie-srej-glamour-italy-5.jpg

Bar Refaeli to the Moon for Passionata!

bar refaeli passionata fall winter 2012

Bar Refaeli has already done a few lingerie photoshoots for Passionata and she isn’t done yet. Here she is in another photoshoot for their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. You can never go wrong with Bar Refaeli in her underwear. “To the Moon Bar!”

bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-1.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-2.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-3.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-4.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-5.jpg
bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-6.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-7.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-8.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-9.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-10.jpg

Mandy Moore Looked Cold in Los Feliz

mandy moore nipples

It looks like such a nice sunny, warm day in Los Feliz. So why is it that Mandy Moore looks cold? Maybe she’s just happy to get the meal she picked up from Little Dom’s restaurant.

mandy moore nipples mandy moore hot or cold i love the pokies on mandy moore
in a shirt mandy moore appears cold mandy moore picked some grub from restaurant in a jeans and shirt mandy moore looks cute the still beautiful mandy moore

Caroline Flack’s Legs are Fabulous

caroline flack legs

English actress Caroline Flack showed some leg for her recent photoshoot with Fabulous magazine. Caroline has appeared in several British televisions shows, but she’s probably most recently known for her role on the BBC3 series Dancing on Wheels. Wait…they actually have a BBC 3? I didn’t even know there was a BBC2.

caroline-flack-fabulous-1.jpg caroline-flack-fabulous-2.jpg caroline-flack-fabulous-3.jpg caroline-flack-fabulous-4.jpg caroline-flack-fabulous-5.jpg

Barbara Palvin is One Hot Jockey

barbara palvin jockey legs

I bet we’d all love to see Barbara Palvin riding a horse. Unfortunately we just get photos of her dressing up like a female jockey. Why couldn’t she have dressed like a jockey the way Bar Refaeli dressed when she went fishing?

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