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Headline Hotlinks September 28th 2012

Headline Hotlinks September 27th 2012

Katie Holmes Bares Her Shoulders for Harper’s Bazaar

katie holmes shoulders

It’s nice to see Katie Holmes getting back to normal. She’s slowly getting more comfortable in her own skin. This time the skin is her bare shoulder for Harper’s Bazaar. Maybe next time it will be a scene similar to the one where she gets naked in The Gift?

katie-holmes-harpers-bazaar-1.jpg katie-holmes-harpers-bazaar-2.jpg katie-holmes-harpers-bazaar-3.jpg katie-holmes-harpers-bazaar-4.jpg katie-holmes-harpers-bazaar-5.jpg

Genesis Rodriguez Makes Me Miss My Sega

genesis rodriguez

With a name like Genesis Rodriguez it’s only fitting that she models for an Italian gadget/tech magazine. However, I bet Genesis isn’t even old enough to remember the Sega Genesis. As a matter of fact, she probably wasn’t even born when the system was originally released.

genesis-rodriguez-jack-1.jpg genesis-rodriguez-jack-2.jpg genesis-rodriguez-jack-3.jpg genesis-rodriguez-jack-4.jpg genesis-rodriguez-jack-5.jpg

Just a Guy Playing Sonic the Hedgehog Video

Akemi Katsuki Is a Sexy Transformer

akemi katsui esquire

Akemi Katsuki may look like a sexy Taiwanese model in Esquire, but she’s actually a ‘Sexy Transformer’. At least that’s what they’re calling her. I looked close for any moving mechanical parts, but couldn’t spot anything. I’m still waiting for her to turning into a Dodge Charger, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Headline Hotlinks September 26th 2012

Nicole Neal Chews Off Her Bikini Top

nicole neal bikini

Was Nicole Neal‘s bikini top made out of licorice because for some reason she tried to eat it? Does anyone else all of a sudden have a sweet tooth? I hope she has enough licorice bikini to share with everyone.

nicole-neal-fhm-germany-1.jpg nicole-neal-fhm-germany-2.jpg nicole-neal-fhm-germany-3.jpg nicole-neal-fhm-germany-5.jpg nicole-neal-fhm-germany-6.jpg