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Headline Hotlinks October 31st 2012

Selena Gomez Has Big Balloons in Glamour

selena gomez boobs

Selena Gomez shows off her cleavage in the upcoming December issue of Glamour. She looks pretty hot and busty in this spread. Isn’t it a little racy for Glamour? It’s almost borderline Maxim-ish. I hope all of their photoshoots continue like this. I’m sure they’d gain a bunch more subscribers if they did.

selena-gomez-glamour-1.jpg selena-gomez-glamour-2.jpg selena-gomez-glamour-3.jpg selena-gomez-glamour-4.jpg selena-gomez-glamour-5.jpg

Teresa Palmer Cleans Up Nicely

teresa palmer butt

Teresa Palmer looks a little busted in her workout gear, but as you can see from her November Women’s Health (Australia) cover, she cleans up nicely. I couldn’t find any other photos from the issue so I guess you’ll have to fly to Australia to pick up a copy. You need a vacation anyway.

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I Am Number Four – Teresa Palmer Burns down the house

Penelope Cruz Is Muy Caliente in Vogue

penelope cruz hot spain

Penelope Cruz‘s sister has been getting more attention these days and probably for good reason. What reason is that, you ask? Well, I guess it’s because Monica Cruz looks like this. Even though Monica seems to be getting more attention, Penelope still manages to get her share of quality work in movies and magazines. Here she is still looking sexy on the cover of Vogue (Spain).

penelope-cruz-vogue-spain-1.jpg penelope-cruz-vogue-spain-2.jpg penelope-cruz-vogue-spain-4.jpg penelope-cruz-vogue-spain-5.jpg penelope-cruz-vogue-spain-6.jpg

Headline Hotlinks October 30th 2012

Diane Kruger Gets Cleavy in Glamour Spain

diane kruger glamour

Diane Kruger loves Glamour magazine so much that she decided to get an eternal lasting tattoo on her titty. Actually, it’s just a silly Glamour tag. Hey, it’s better than some tags and more creative too. You almost had us fooled Glamour.

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Ashley Greene Showing Off Her Naked Cell Phone Pics?

ashley green cell phone
What do you think Ashley Greene is showing her friends at lunch in NYC? Maybe some scandalous pics on her cell phone (you wish)? Maybe it’s what she looked like before she dyed her hair that ugly color. When did she change her hair color anyway? Do you think the carpet matches the drapes?

ashley greene looking hot in nyc eating food with friends ashley greene dyed her hair did ashley greene pose nude
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Bonus Photos: Ashley Greene in GQ and Riviera

ashley greene at lunch in nyc ashley greene changed hair color are there naked pictures of ashley greene on cell phone
ashley greene riviera a beautiful looking ashley greene wow ashley greene has nice cleavage

Headline Hotlinks October 29th 2012