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Final Headline Hotlinks of 2012!

Nathalie Edenburg in Sexy Swimwear

bikini top nathalie-edenburg

At first glance you might not guess that Nathalie Edenburg is Brazilian. But you should know by now that over 90% (made up number) of the models being pumped into the market are from Brazil. So even if they don’t look like their from Brazil, they probably are. Or at least have a cousin that is.

nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-1.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-2.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-3.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-4.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-5.jpg
nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-6.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-7.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-8.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-9.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-10.jpg
nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-11.jpgnathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-12.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-13.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-14.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-15.jpg

Video – Yogini Winter Touch 2012: Nathalie Edenburg

I Heart These Blanca Suarez GQ Photos

blanca-suarez see through

Meet the beautiful Spanish actress and model Blanca Suarez seen here in a recent spread for GQ (Spain).

Where you can see Blanca:

  • Orange Syrup
  • Winning Streak
  • The Boat
  • The Skin I Live In
  • Neon Flesh

Blanca Suarez’s Latest Tweets:
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Video – Blanca Suárez – GQ

Ashlee Simpson Bikini Photos in Hawaii

ass up ashlee-simpson

Here is Ashlee Simpson, the slimmer of the Simpson Sisters wearing a bikini in Hawaii. Maybe Jessica should get some tips from Ashlee on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Ashlee didn’t seem to have any problem with doing so. I think Weight Watchers hired the wrong sister to represent their company.

ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-1.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-2.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-3.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-4.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-5.jpg
ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-6.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-7.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-8.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-9.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-10.jpg
ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-11.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-12.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-13.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-14.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-15.jpg

Headline Hotlinks December 29th 2012

Jennifer Lawrence’s Sexy Photoshoot

simon emmett jennifer-lawrence nipple

Here are a few photos of Jennifer Lawrence from her photoshoot for Simon Emmett. The photos are from a while back, but they haven’t been posted here before and Jennifer looks pretty sexy in them so I figured the J-Law fans would like to see them. Enjoy!

Scarlett Johansson Looking Hot in British Elle

elle uk scarlett-johansson

Scarlett Johansson got the cover of the upcoming February issue of British Elle…and does she look hot! Here are 3 lower quality preview photos. There are also two bonus photos from V magazine and a Dolce & Gabbana photoshoot…just to fill some space.

scarlett-johansson-elle-uk-feb-2013-1.jpeg scarlett-johansson-elle-uk-feb-2013-2.jpg scarlett-johansson-elle-uk-feb-2013-3.jpg scarlett-johansson-v-mag-1.jpg scarlett-johansson-d&c-liquid-1.jpg