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18 Random Photos of Disney’s Bridgit Mendler

bridgit mendler near upskirt

Apparently singer/actress Bridgit Mendler just released a new album. I didn’t have to tell you that though, did I? You all went out and bought it the day it released on October 22nd. Now you have the missing piece to add to your collection with Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Victoria Justice and Taylor Swift. Don’t worry, I won’t share your playlist with anyone.

bridgit-mendler-album-release-burbank-1.jpg bridgit-mendler-album-release-burbank-2.jpg bridgit-mendler-album-release-burbank-3.jpg bridgit-mendler-album-release-burbank-4.jpg bridgit-mendler-bikini-1.jpg
bridgit-mendler-mtv-1.jpg bridgit-mendler-mtv-2.jpg bridgit-mendler-mtv-3.jpg bridgit-mendler-out-nyc-1.jpg bridgit-mendler-out-nyc-2.jpg
bridgit-mendler-random-cov.jpgbridgit-mendler-sirius-xm-nyc-1.jpg bridgit-mendler-sirius-xm-nyc-2.jpg bridgit-mendler-tv-guide.jpg bridgit-mendler-upskirt-random-1.JPG