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Cassie Scerbo Wore a Very Short Skirt

cassie scerbo near upskirt

If you haven’t seen Bring It On: In It to Win It and Make It or Break It then you probably have no idea who Cassie Scerbo is. Well, I guess that’s 99.89% of you. Oh well, here she is looking sexy wearing a short mini skirt at an event in Los Angeles.

cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-1.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-2.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-3.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-4.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-5.jpg
cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-6.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-7.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-8.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-9.jpg cassie-scerbo-social-hill-showroom-LA-10.jpg