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Catalina Otalvaro May Cause The Glaciers to Melt

Catalina Otalvaro Maia Lingerie Photos

Catalina Otalvaro is one of the sexiest Colombian models in the world. She has the perfect combination of an athletic body and a beautiful face which is her best ticket towards a blooming modeling career, despite the tough competition in the modeling industry. Her lovely face and physique are traits that every model admires and is the exact reason why she was chosen to be one of the faces of Maia Lingerie. You are witnessing her unrivaled sex appeal in full effect. Her newly released lingerie photos will surely convince you that she deserves to represent Maia’s brand. The photos are incredible and she is oozing with unmatched sensual charm that stumps her competitors.

Maia Lingerie has hired some of the best models to promote their lingerie line, but it cannot be denied that these Catalina Otalvaro Maia Lingerie photos are amazing and worth all the positive impressions from individuals across the globe. Seeing the lingerie pictures will surely raise your adrenaline! Many individuals would definitely agree that these pictures of Catalina Otalvaro wearing the Maia brand displays her unmatched hotness! This pictorial is probably one of her hottest, triggering many individuals to say the she is indeed a killer Colombian babe!

Despite the fact that Maia Lingerie is a well-known and trusted line of lingerie, it cannot be denied that Catalina plays a big part in making this line of product widespread and popular to the masses. This is not the first time we’ve seen Catalina Otalvaro and let’s hope there will be many more Maia Lingerie photoshoots with her in the future.

Maia Lingerie – Invierno 2014 – Catalina Otalvaro