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Fashion Show Battle: Blake Lively vs Emily Blunt

Fashion Show Battle: Blake Lively vs Emily Blunt


Emily Blunt Spotted Wearing Tights Again

tights emily blunt

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Emily Blunt in tights while leaving the gym. There was a short period where it seemed like we saw her at least once a week. I know some of you have missed her nice tight booty. So here it is again for those Emily Blunt fans out there.

emily-blunt-santa-monica-2.jpg emily-blunt-santa-monica-3.jpg emily-blunt-santa-monica-4.jpg emily-blunt-santa-monica-5.jpg emily-blunt-santa-monica-6.jpg

Emily Blunt’s Skinny Pool Position for Harper’s Bazaar

emily blunt skinny

Emily Blunt is a beautiful woman, but in this photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar she looks abnormally skinny. Somebody needs to get this chick a hamburger. But for those of you who prefer a woman with a xylophone shape then these photos are for you. We all appreciate the hard work you put in at the gym Emily, but do yourself a favor and eat a healthy meal (pizza, chicken wings and beer) every now and then.

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Emily Blunt in Spandex Again

emily blunt spandex butt

It seems that every time we post photos of Emily Blunt she’s either arriving or leaving the gym in spandex. I just wanted to take the time to thank her for putting in all that hard work and doing the rigorous workouts at the gym to provide us with all these lovely photos. If only I could say the same for all her movies.

emily blunt spandex camel toe emily blunt beautiful butt in spandex emily blunt leaving gym in yoga pants emily blunt in a tight top emily blunt has a mini moose knuckle