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Emily Ratajkowski’s Carl’s Jr. Photos Are Giving Me AssBurger’s Syndrome

butt of emily-ratajkowski

Not only are these photos from Emily Ratajkowski‘s Carl’s Jr. photoshoot making me hungry, but I’m also starting to develop a minor case of AssBurger’s Syndrome. Not to be confused with the Asperger syndrome that is often considered a high functioning form of autism. Although I think these photos are affecting my ability to communicate and I am starting to drool a little.

emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-001.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-002.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-003.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-004.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-005.jpg
 emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-007.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-008.jpg emily-ratajkowski-carls-jr-009.jpg

Video – Emily Ratajkowski and Sara Underwood Carl’s Jr. Commercial