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40 Bikini Photos of Emma Rigby in Miami

bikini emma rigby

I hadn’t heard of Emma Rigby before today, but apparently she’s an English actress best known for playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in the soap opera Hollyoaks. She took some vacation time in sunny Miami to get away from those cold winters in England. Here she is sunbathing at the beach in her bikini. She looks pretty tan for a British chick. Scroll through the gallery to see the entire set of 40 pictures.

emmy-rigby-bikini-008.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-009.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-010.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-011.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-012.jpg
emmy-rigby-bikini-013.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-014.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-015.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-016.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-017.jpg
emmy-rigby-bikini-024.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-025.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-026.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-027.jpg emmy-rigby-bikini-028.jpg