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Guisela Rhein in Vix Swimwear

guisela rhein bikini

Guess where Guisela Rhein is from? If you didn’t say Brazil then you haven’t been coming to GCeleb long enough. Because if you had, you’d know that this only the 1,459th Brazilian model we’ve done a post for (or somewhere near that number). And you’d also know that Brazilian women dominate 99.99% of the modeling industry these days. It’s a fact we’ve scientifically proven here on this website. Our hard working statisticians have all the evidence to prove it.

guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-1.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-2.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-3.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-4.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-5.jpg
guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-6.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-7.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-8.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-9.jpg guisela-rhein-ViX-swimwear-10.jpg