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Heloise Guerin Sure Looks Pretty for J.Crew

heloise guerin hot

I know this is probably more clothing than our visitors are used to seeing (or want to see), but beauty is beauty. I couldn’t deny such a lovely woman as French model Heloise Guerin a post here on GCeleb. But for those of you who desperately need to see more skin and the photos aren’t doing it for you, try the video below.

heloise-guerin-JC-crew-1.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-2.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-3.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-4.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-5.jpg
heloise-guerin-JC-crew-6.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-7.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-8.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-9.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-10.jpg
heloise-guerin-JC-crew-11.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-12.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-13.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-14.jpg heloise-guerin-JC-crew-15.jpg

Heloise Guerin – 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Video