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Throwback Thursday Battle: Mandy Moore vs. Jenny McCarthy

Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy at the 32nd Annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles (November 14, 2004)

Throwback Thursday Battle: Mandy Moore vs. Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy is in Tip-Top MILF Shape

jennny mccarthy milf shape

Jenny McCarthy – Shape USA – June 2014


Jenny McCarthy Shows Off Her Shapely Cougar Body

bikini bottom jenny-mccarthy

Why Jim Carrey ever left Jenny McCarthy, we’ll never know? But even if was desiring a hot young 20-something, he’s still gotta be missing Jenny McCarthy. She’s one hot cougar POA. And if you need proof, check out the photos below.

Battle of the Cougars: Part 2

jenny mccarth vs denise richards

Last time I checked Jenny McCarthy won the last Battle of the Cougars competition on GCeleb vs. Carmen Electra by a whopping 63% to 37%. My guess is she’ll win this battle too, but it’s up to you guys to vote for the hotter cougar. Here’s round 2: Jenny McCarthy vs. Denise Richards.

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